Unscented candle

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Unscented candle, made from soy wax, without any additional substances for colour or scent. These are on offer as some people dislike strong scents or their health condition would require to use candles without any added colours and/or scents.

Like all our candles, these too are all 100% hand made. Candle has been poured into a special thicker glass which does not have a lid. This glass can be used as a drinking glass after the candle has burned out.

We focus on scent and quality of the product and test them before making for sale. All prices below include VAT (20%).
SizeGlass sizeBurning time Price
M - 250 ml
Height 10 cm, diameter 7,5 cm approx. 45 hours
 12 EUR
Made from: 100% soy wax. Added scent. We use pre-waxed cotton wick. Soy wax candles burn 30% - 50% longer and cleaner than paraffin candles.

Advantages of soy wax candles
  • Soy wax is 100% natural and environmentally friendly material which is produced from renewable natural resources.
  • Soy wax does not produce soot, unlike paraffin candles.
  • Soy wax is scentless and thus added aromas will be more stronger.
  • Soy wax candles will burn up to 50% longer than same size paraffin candle.
  • Soy wax stains are easy to remove, just use warm water and soap.
What do you need to know when burning candles
  • Before we start to sell new kind of candles, we always test our product: burning time, suitable wick thickness etc. etc in order to produce a perfect product for you to use.
  • When you burn the candle for the first time, let the whole surface melt - it will make sure that next time you burn the candle, it will burn steadily until the end, and avoid any tunnelling. Use longer matches to light the candle and tilt the glass to make the lighting easier once the candle has burned approximately half way.
  • After the first time You have burned the candle, make sure that the wick of the candle will be about 0,5 cm long - it will make sure that Your soy wax candle will burn with good quality. If the wick is too long, cut it shorter. If the wick is too long, Your candle might produce soot when burning.
  • Do not burn a soy wax candle over 4 hours consecutively.
  • When You burn the candle, keep it safely away from children and pets! Make sure that You do not place the candle on top or too close to flammable materials.
  • Do not leave a burning candle without supervision!